Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Easing the pressure

Do you know the feeling of putting yourself under so much pressure it hurts?
Why on earth would we do that?

I am very dedicated to living the dream and I have had my fair bit of challenges. As they say- obstacles only arise when you are moving forward.
When you are static, there is no obstacle.

I must have been moving a heck of a lot! The thing about drive is it can also drive you crazy. Now I know that I am the driver and it is my responsibility to take control of my life, including my driving style and skills.
Try and tell me that when I am in my race and you are likely to land under my wheels!
It’s when the fuel runs out and the next station is too far away that reflection mode starts to resurface.

In my case- I am taking action towards my dream. My dream board shows me the things I want in my life and motivates me to go forward, I have attended seminars and courses, my focus is clear and my commitment is strong.
Here we go, watch out world, here I come!

I manage my time: The day job takes most of the day- hence the name. So there is the morning and the evening. And lunch break.
And weekends. Within that time, I am looking for managers, record deals, set up my gig, build my mailing list, take care of my body, my mind, my soul, my friendships, family oh and I have a relationship as well.

I have a room to clean, bills to pay, people to coach, songs to write.
There is music to promote and “get out there” as much as I can, and social sites to chat on so that more people become interested in what I do.
Then of course there needs to be time for training and cooking and shopping- and I’m not even talking clothes. And practise the skills I learn. NLP without using it- how useful is it? Education, reading time, etc. pp

Well as I write this it’s easy to see that I would exhaust myself eventually.
Why run around and do all this? So that I can live my dream!
My dream of inspiring millions of people through my music and who I am, connecting them their core and then giving it that little nudge to a more blissful place. It’s about the joy, the pure bliss of being alive and to shine the light that makes us beam from inside out.

That’s my dream! I see myself on big stages, I see myself on TV, I see myself out there getting people to get on with it and step up. I see myself stepping up over and over again. I see people’s lives changing around me, I see courage growing and I see children with happy faces. I see myself educating the educators and the results on the kids. I see families communicating better with each other and nurturing the love. Relationships are a skill- I am so passionate about people learning about it (including myself).

I see myself meeting incredible people- people who have made powerful decisions for themselves and took the leap of faith and went for it and therefore improved their life, their energy and with that other’s.

I have a dream! I see fear melted into courage by the power of our conviction. I see that in a healthy balance- an evolved maturity, wisdom that is there for us to tap into.
I see myself travelling with amazing people making changes by bringing the tools and the message and the love round the planet. I want to be involved in helping people build their lives and bring out that irresistible sparkle in their eyes. Your eyes.

So what I need to do is take action. And I do. And I do more. And more- what else can I do? Ok how about this and that, every day of action is a day closer to the dream surely, come on, what’s next? There is so much to do!
Oh do I have to go to work today? I am done with working, it seems like such a waste of my time, I have so many important things to do like changing the world and stuff. My job is in the way. Without the job, where does the money come from? Remember there was a time I tried to do that? I ended up very very tired and stressed out. Remember those days in hospital?

It’s always easier to see from the outside what’s going on- you can probably see how that frantic way of going about it all would get you where I got.

We are after all human beings. There is wisdom in the word.
We were not called human doings. We are spiritual beings having a human experience- yet that experience can get so intense; I like to believe it’s more real than anything else.

So I get ill. Sinus infection this time. Pressure build up in my cavities and it hurts.
Everyone gets their lessons in different ways. I wish for mine to be more subtle- and actually they are, I just tend to ignore it when they are. I wish for myself to become more attentive to what’s going on and what it’s about for me.

Living the dream has a lot to do with living. Living is a day by day process and very much about the now. I would say I enjoy what I do; I admit I do get caught up in it, which makes me think some parts are better than others.
Like work no good, music very good. I remember a time where that was flipped around.Everything depends on how we think about things. If we allow that time to actually think about things. I get too busy doing my thing sometimes and I will defend that that’s the right way because when you think you are obviously not doing it so what’s the point?!

The point is balance. The point is connection. The point is ease.
One step at a time. It’s easier to grow wings that way.
As an inspirational musical boy band proclaimed (New Kids on the Block –good work): step by step oh baby.

They made it quite far. No idea what became of them…

Here is the tip of the day:
Do not run after your dream. Dreams don’t run away unless you run. And they run at least as fast as you.

This is my journey and I can choose to have an easy one. And that means I take it easy on myself.
It’s part of the deal.

The new question is hence: how can I be at ease today knowing what I know now and remembering what I need to, what action would I love to take today?

I better write that one down…next to the dream board.

Have a great day, whatever you do- just for the pure sake of it.
Let’s be happy for no good reason.

Diva Eve xx

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