Thursday, August 30, 2007

As you may know by now, I love inspiration and thinking about life in a way that shifts us to a better place...growing our potential takes inspiration and nurturing and I would like to share the resources that have become available to me with you.
I have been through some great coaching trainings recently and made amazing progress in my life- we all talk about believing in yourself and to some degree I guess we all do it. But to actually become so strong in yourself that you go ahead with joy to realize you can create this dream and then do it, that takes something else...and I got that from the chris howard training. In the beginning I thought: oh no this american stuff is not for me, I don't want a mass hyper super guru telling me what I know anyway. But then thi guy really has good, very good, very very good points, tools and techniques. I can say this is genuinely good.
There is a Breakthrough to Success Event coming up 28th -30th of September which is valued at £1790 for 2 but you can come for free by clicking on the link below. I am an affiilate for this- cause I've done it and it works very very well for me. If you have any questions about it, drop me a line- check out the website..whatever it takes. I am not here to spam you and sell you things you don't need- this is important for everybody who wants to achieve more, make more of their life and understand HOW it works.
Next up:
Dr John Demartini is coming to London for 2 nights to give very powerful talks.
I highly recommend him. He was told he couldn't not read, not write nor ever communicate when we was a kid, and became a Dr. who studied thousands of scriptures. He is amazing, I saw him at Akasha recently. He got a 3 minute standing ovation. Passion and knowledge mixed- I came to strong concusions during his I am ready to hit it now- let's leave the day job and go for it big time. And so that's what's happening! Needless to say meeting with potential manager coming up, I got 3 gigs in September, new coaching clients on board- it's a virtuous cycle.
PS: go on the 13th cause the 12th is diva eve time ;-)
the price for a ticket is £39 but I am affiliated with triumphant events so I can tickets for free!
Lots of love,
Eve x


At 6:44 AM, Blogger you are amazing said...

I love your blog..

May all the greatness of your hearts desires come true and they do.. may love and success radiate from you and return back to you multiplied...

here is a link to a beautiful, amazing web site... Enjoy!

* more bliss to you x x x


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