Monday, April 17, 2006

who's your diva?

Hi there,
let me introduce you to me. NOooo let me introduce myself to you. I always mix that up...welcome to this blog! I think you are a cool person already because you are interested in what I have in store for you.

You like music, you hear music when you please and some of it is great. And a lot of it makes you wonder: how on earth did these people make it? What do they have that I don't?
You may think if someone has talent, they will make it. All it takes is persistence, contacts, maybe a lot of money, luck, the will to show yourself... Maybe you are someone who wants to make it. Good luck! ( and persistence and money and contacts and and and luck?).
Maybe you know that talent is not all that it takes. Maybe you know that "luck" is as relative as the relativity theory would expand!! Imagine someone wrote really heart felt songs that are generally liked by most people who hear them. Imagine that someone has a face that reminds a lot of people of Madonna and other people of someone else. Now that person also might sing well and dance and have a little brain of her own. Maybe that someone has personality even, who knows. Maybe that someone has all that it takes. But you have never ever heard of her!!
I am Diva Eve. Nice to meet me.

I have embarked on an exiting adventure, the journey of my dream: to touch millions of people with the music and performances I bring, to move you in the deepest corner of your soul right at the source of your joy, happiness, ease and FUN! I am here to connect you with the place where you feel so good in yourself that a grandiose smile lenghens from ear to ear and a fuzzy feeling of hmmmm arises along with what I call the" bubble luck" sensation. You know when it bubbles all through you when you get so enthused and excited about life?

I started performing at 5, started playing music, wrote my first songs at 9 or 10 and then secretely on my bicycle rides on my way home, i used to spend hours singing in the fields, making up melodies that freed my spirit to fly! But I didn't dare to show it though. Well, when I did, cause at some point you really want to show it...I got told I was rubbish..well that I shouldn't think I was Mozart and I shouldnt' steal music from Chopin. That was at a time I hadn't even listened to Chopin but I did love Mozart.
Anyway, I got told a lot of times how simple this was and how I kept it quiet as I understood what I do is not that great. I wanted to be an actress anyway.
I sang on stage and got standing ovations, and bad press all at the same premier performance. I was 19 and the critic thought I was a bit too Lolita. I was sooo confused, I thought the press would prove to me that this night of success was real.
I learned the hard way that if I wanted to get confident, I had to find it somewhere else..
My story is longwinded but to put it in a nutshell, fire and ice, ice and desert, little teasers of opportunities is what have marked my "career" so far.
I was signed with Sony at one stage but when I showed them my own songs they recommended me to write a musical. I studied musical theatre after applying to acting schools and going through 27 auditions, and then was kicked out after a year for being too unique, not the type for musical theatre. Go your way! You write songs and you should do it your way. They said. You know all your life you may be thinking; I will do it my way. But when someone forces you to, this is the LAST THING you want to do!!
I travelled a lot, spent 3 months in Thailand and rested...and wrote 16 songs. They just come out and out and I won't stop it. I put on a show and people loved it. Most importantly they gave me so much pleasure! It feels sooo good to sing them!
I went to NY to get discovered... Well I got my own show at the Firebird Cafe, which was the "best place to hear cabaret in NY" according to the village voice, so that was extremely cool.

I didn't stay in the big apple after a year though as love brought me to the UK...
I lived in brighton for a while, enjoying the sea and the growing frustration that still nothing was happening!! I tried and tried sooo many things, I could give you a reason for any suggestion you would make as to why nothing works.

then I really had enough.Enough of all that bullshit! So to change my life, I changed the way I thought. Not all of it! I like what I think. But I realized that some patterns were empowering me and others were bringing me down, leaving me stranded and feeling hopeless. boooohooo.

My life is not to be about how to struggle the most, what to give up and how to fail in 10 painful lessons. My life is about how you can have what you want and live what you really really want, how to enjoy the richness of the experience called life and how to be who you are. My life is about the song of my soul and the inspiration of many many others. I have soo much to give and share, I would like to get out there!

So how on earth do I do this?
This is what this blog is about...

I am logging my goals, my ideas, the strategies and I invite you to follow me on this adventure. I know that succeeding means to grow, to achieve what you set out to do. I know that it is possible to achieve goals when they are made achievable.
So if that's what it takes, then that's what I do. I also know it will take a miracle to get me from where I am to where I have seen myself ever since I was small.
I understand that miracles need a place to go, too. So I am creating a wonderful opportunity for this miracle to come and be with me. I also would like to invite you to join the party!

You are witnessing something very real, something that is going to move you to take your life and dreams in your hands. You can do it, too. Let's get inspried!!