Friday, January 12, 2007

New Year's Resurrection

Happy Happy etc pp. It was quiet and a real break for me...after the Madonna show on the 16th- see previous post, I definately needed a break! The show went well. It's so easy to say that now but sooo much lies in this little sentence. It went well. Well, let me let you in on a secret. It was a real challenge. 10 days to the show and only 1 ticket had been sold! I had created posts, comments, written to the press, I had helpers who were promoting, I had flyers, newsletters, ticket offers. I did it all and yet it seemed I was going nowhere with the sales! Meanwhile the show was coming together nicely. My dancers Ryan Curtis and Sophia Hooper worked their butts off. It paid off, they were awesome, especially Ryan- he is seriously professional.
My friend Sol- created a competition on my site and this helped attract more interested people. We also contacted Madonna fan sites and had them blog about the show. Thanks to Sol and his energy, I got my motivation back and went for it..contacted more people, more press...there is a great interview on and in the night life section...I was soooo pleased that they interviewed me. Brilliant!
Anyway, 2 days to the show and 11 tickets had been sold. Not very impressed given the fact I had to pay everyone. So...anywho...I cancelled the professional camera team and organized a second camera- borrowed from my dancer. Bought a tripod. My lovely Man came to film and take care of plenty of last minute disasters. I.e. my £15 dancers tights ripped 30 mins. before the show. So he had to get me new tights from boots. Have you ever sent a man to buy tights? I am seriously impressed with him. He called me slightly panicky: they dont' have what you want!
There are thousands of different tights but I can't find the ones you told me to buy!
He did get the 15 denier ones in S and M, you never know and I ended up wearing both...the curling iron didn't work, it ended up to be due to one faulty plug, but Thomas bought me a new adaptor nevertheless. And a sandwich...

I had decided to make this a good show and enjoy it, the sound was going to be phenomenal and lights make all the ambience of a dream come true.

The room filled up nicely with around 50 people!! Every chair was taken, some people were standing. It was great, the atmosphere was amazing, people were having a great time and I was ON!

What a ball I had, making up my comments in between the songs. I guess the years of comedy experience have paid off in the end...

The dancers were sooo cool, aaahhh it was a wonderful evening. I saw the video so I know it was good for the audience and hey- I am editing a great little demo out of it to get more gigs etc.

After all this though it was time for me to wind down and get into the groove of Christmas.

And new year. Resolutions are those things you do between the 1st and the 7th January, right? So I don't have to talk about them anymore, luckily. I was thinking of starting smoking at the end of last year so I have something to give up and brag about but it seemed to much of an effort...
Loosing weight, happened all on its own. If you are trying to loose weight: produce a Madonna tribute show and make sure you carry all responsibility. And do your dance rehearsals on top, you will be just fine.

What have I learned from this experience?
-You can do everything right: it doesn't mean it will work out
-challenging time breeds opportunity for great surprises!
-help can come out of the blue, the red, the purple or from friends and those who grow to be such
-hard times show you who is at your side
-the power of the mind is amazing; deciding to enjoy myself was a powerful step for my personal success. In order to be happy we sometimes need to disconnect financial and personal success, artistic and material goals
-peace lies beyond panic
-deperation is only the gate to letting go of expecations.
-being clear about the original goal helps. I had organized the show to create a video,it would have been great to become a super producer, promoter on the way but I actually want other people to have a job, too!

So People of the world, let's live. Let's be alive! this year is about feeling and respecting ourselves and the ones around us even more, to enjoy our life and be with it. Breathing in, breathing out...I like to keep things simple sometimes. I need it!

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